On the Ale Trail: Craft Beers of Traverse City

When people think Traverse City, many things come to mind – slopes of snow, rolling green hills under the summer sun, forests turned gold and red in the turn of the fall.

Wineries, food festivals, and lakeside fun are all embedded into Traverse City’s centuries-old roots – but there’s something else that has been kicking off in Michigan’s wine country with full force.

Microbreweries. Companies producing some of the finest ale that the North has to offer, and all within reach for tourists, visitors and locals to enjoy. Taking advantage of the new boom, Traverse City has announced its new annual Beer Week from November 13 to the 20th – and all are invited to pitch in their glass mugs and take a taste from the ales, stouts, lagers and pilsners available.

But brewmasters aren’t just conventional folk in the town of Traverse City, Michigan. Beer tours in Traverse City are a true adventure of the palate, with experimental flavors and tastes grand enough to put each and every one of the over one dozen breweries in the city on the map for any true craft beer enthusiast.

In fact, Draft magazine, a bi-monthly print magazine on beer culture with a huge following since its inception in 2006, calls Traverse City one of the US’s “top three emerging beer towns”, and the famous Travel Channel put Traverse City up on its list of the “Top Seven Beer Destinations in North America”!

Beer is more than just a fizzy yellow drink – it’s an art, when done right. Food pairings, taste testing, and a huge variety of flavors and strengths – from a simple ale to a hard cider – make beer not only one of the oldest, but one of the most versatile alcohols. Combine that with the antioxidant and antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects of hops, and you can almost argue it’s a “superfood”!

The best way to explore Traverse City’s excellent breweries, from the North Peak Brewing Company and The Filling Station, to The Work Shop and Bravo Zulu, is by availing the Wine and Beer Tours Traverse City has to offer! Take a luxury shuttle service through the city’s beautiful scenery while enjoying the best samples in Michigan, and have yourself a vacation like no other. Let yourself be pampered by professional chauffeurs as you pass by rolling hills of grapes and cherries, town squares and lakesides – all with a good ale in hand.

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