Off-Campus Housing Options for Students in Northern Chicago

Urban Lifestyle for DePaul University Students

When leasing DePaul off campus housing, you will enjoy an urban lifestyle in the northern section of Chicago. Your residence will be close to shops, restaurants and other essential businesses. You could also take advantage of the extensive public transportation city in this metropolitan city. DePaul off campus housing might be located just a few blocks away from a rapid transit station that’s operated by the Chicago Transit Authority. You’ll also find multiple bus stops within walking distance of your off-campus property. Of course, the urban neighborhood will have plenty of sidewalks and some bicycle lanes for easy mobility. Additionally, you could walk and jog along the paved trails along the Chicago River, which runs through the heart of the city.

Housing With Security, Safety and Convenience

DePaul off campus housing is usually available in a multi-level building that has robust security systems. Every entrance will require an exclusive PIN code that’s only issued to residents. Intercom systems will be set up near the main entrance of the apartment building. High-resolution cameras will closely monitor all residents and guests entering the off-campus housing complex. You’ll also appreciate exclusive access to a private parking garage in this busy part of Chicago. The heated parking facility might include elevators that lead directly to hallways in your building. Bicycle racks inside the garage provide extra convenience for an urban lifestyle. Additionally, the 24-hour lobby and other common areas should be secured with electronic locks. Contact Ion Lincoln Park to find off-campus housing near DePaul University.

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