NorthStar Comfort Services Will Conduct an Energy Audit Wichita KS

Performing an energy audit on homes in Wichita, KS is an excellent program to assess where energy may be escaping. A home energy audit is a room-by-room review of how your home uses energy, and how much energy is lost. Hiring a professional energy auditor renders a more scientific assessment. There are many diagnostic tests by Energy Audit Wichita KS that will be performed like a blower door test. This test involves a fan measure of a homes air exchange to find leaks, and a thermographic scan that makes infrared energy visible. It also shows insulated areas that are over or under insulated which would help determine if your home is losing energy. NorthStar Comfort Services can conduct all energy loss tests.

A blower door test is part of the audit, and this test involves sealing a door and its frame and attaching a blower to take all of the air out of the house. Once this has been done, the auditor can evaluate the home’s exterior surface looking for sources of air escaping and for air infiltration. A high tech thermography scanner can be used to detect drafts that can cause loss of energy. This test uses sensors to measure the amount of air that’s going out of a home, which means you’ll get a more accurate reading of your home’s energy use. It is important that a calibrated blower door test is made. This information will help Energy Audit Wichita KS visibly inspect the surface temperature of various components of the home.

Thermography is typically used indoors to measure whether the insulation is adequate. It can detect that an exterior-facing wall has cooler temperature spots, and it’s likely that the area needs more insulation. When all of the areas are detected that have less than adequate insulation, an insulation plan can be implemented.

Insulation is designed to create a resistance to heat flow from the living area to the attic. The resistance capacity associated with a measure of insulation is its “R-value.” The higher the R- value of your insulation, the more thermal resistance the insulation offers. A low R- value of insulation means your heating system will have to work harder in order to maintain a comfort level in the living areas. Another benefit to a high R- value is that it helps keep heat from entering your air conditioned living spaces. The energy audit in Wichita KS can recommend the R-Value you need.

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