No Need To Be Afraid Of Tooth Extraction In Amarillo, Texas

There are times when a patient calls a dental office and describes the pain and discomfort they are having. Invariably any member of the dental staff that they speak to will advise them to come into the office for an appointment. Should their pain be acute, then an emergency examination will be booked with the dentist on call.

Despite the many advances of modern dentistry, there are times when a dentist can not save an existing tooth. It may be that the tooth has become infected or that it has broken in such a way that it can not be repaired. At this time, a decision may be made to remove the tooth entirely. Once out of the mouth, the patient has a chance to heal properly.

Tooth extraction in Amarillo, Texas is nothing to be afraid of. The dentist and their dental technician will first make sure the area is clean and free of debris. The patient will generally be given both a topical and injected form of pain-killer so there is no risk of additional pain during the procedure.

When the tooth or teeth in question have been safely removed and the mouth is healed, the doctor will begin to discuss replacement options with the patient. For some patients the decision may mean a replaceable bridge or denture to fill a wide space. If the tooth can be covered with a crown, this may be another plan to follow. Crowns remain in the mouth as would a permanent tooth.

Tooth extraction in Amarillo, Texas is performed quickly and many times patients are literally surprised at how quickly their “bad tooth” is taken from their mouth. Patients are then usually advised to wait until eating again and must keep the area clean. Once the pain-killing agent wears off, they may be given a prescribed or over-the-counter drug to make sure they are not uncomfortable.

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