New Residential Sonos Installation in Bellevue NE

Sonos is a wireless home sound system that streams music, television, and movies via the wireless system. Most other home systems utilize the blue-tooth system in the home. That means interruptions in the listening pleasure are frequent as the signal is usurped when the telephone rings. There is a complete line of different sizes and types of speakers, like the one that enhances the bass sound in any audio.

The entire system is operated via an application that is downloaded to a cell phone. An advantage of this system is that after it is originally set up in the home, additional speakers can be easily added. The new Sonos Installation in Bellevue, NE can be complicated, so most people have it professionally installed rather than attempt it themselves.

What Company to Select

Those interested in hiring a company for initial residential Sonos Installation in Bellevue, NE will want to compare experience and costs of different companies. Since the system operates with the wireless network in the home, the best option is an internet provider, such as Geeks!, which offers a flat-rate for services.


Speakers can be used to play different music in different rooms, or one song on all speakers. A family member can be listening to a downloaded playlist in one room while another one is enjoying the latest audiobook upstairs. A combination of speaker sizes in one room can be utilized to provide amazing surround sound for movies, television, or internet radio.

The ability to add to the system piece by piece allows families to build up the ideal system as the budget permits. It does not have to be an “all-or-nothing” situation. Purchase the major component and two small speakers to start. The sound quality is excellent and will only improve as speakers are added. Flat sound bars are available as well to boom television or movie audio through the whole living room.

Residential Services

In addition to the installation of a home sound system, services also include planning and installing home entertainment, media centers, and wireless home networking. Computer repair and internet provider services are also offered via flat-rate plans and packages. Visit for details on all services provided.

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