New Pets: Why a Visit to the Local Dog Clinic in Lenexa, KS is in Order

After talking it over with all the family members, the decision is made to visit the local shelter and adopt a dog. Along with welcoming a new addition to the family, there’s also the need to make sure the pet has the best of care. That includes thinking about the dog’s current state of health. A visit to the local Dog Clinic in Lenexa KS will be all it takes to ensure the pet receives the right type of medical attention. Here is what will occur during that first visit.

A Complete Examination

During that first visit to the Dog Clinic in Lenexa KS, the veterinary team will want to establish a basic profile for the pet. That will mean performing a complete physical examination. The goal is to determine if there are any existing health issues that need immediate attention or management.

During the physical, the team will be on the lookout for signs of skin rashes, problems with the eyes, the condition of the teeth, and even any signs of ticks or other parasites in the coat. In the best case scenario, the outcome will be that the pet is in healthy condition and will not require any type of treatment or procedure.

The First Round of Shots

Unless the shelter provides documents indicating the dog has received the usual round of annual shots, it makes sense to have them administered by the clinic personnel. Those shots ensure that the pet will not have to endure conditions that could cause a great deal of discomfort. The vet will go over each type of shot, what it’s for, and how it will improve the quality of life for the pet.

Setting Up a Schedule

Like humans, pets need to return for checkups now and then. The team at the clinic will establish a schedule for annual physicals and any visits that may be needed in the interim. This makes it easier to diagnose an emerging health issue before it can begin to develop into a major problem.

If there will soon be a new pet in the home, now is the time to Click here and learn more about the essentials of proper medical care for dogs. Once that first visit is completed, making sure the pet always has access to care when necessary will be a breeze.

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