New FDA Nutrition Facts Label Provides Dairy Foods an Edge over various Non Dairy Alternatives

There are some people who don’t eat foods that come for animals, while others avoid dairy products because they believe plant-based alternatives are a better option. However, many dairy products suppliers in Pennsylvania wonder what they actually mean by the term “better.” Are they referring to less sugar or fewer calories? Or, more “natural?”

Consider the Facts

When these individuals beliefs are put to the test; however, their dairy alternatives may not stand up to authentic dairy products. For example, a single service of milk from a cow has a higher number of calories than almond milk and the same amount of fat. However, the important line on the Nutrition facts label is protein. Milk contains eight grams of protein, versus almond milk, which only has one gram of protein. If you don’t drink milk for the protein, then why do you? Water is cheaper and healthier.

New Labels Help Shed New Light on Dairy

The latest labels created by the FDA require dairy products suppliers in Pennsylvania to make the calorie content more prominent and to put the amount of additional sugars in the item. Serving sizes have also been updated and the actual amount of potassium, iron, calcium and Vitamin D all must be printed clearly. In the past only the Daily Value in percentage form was printed. This puts dairy products in a pretty good light in most cases, since no additives are typically added to these products.

The fact is, dairy products are natural – almost as close to natural as you are going to get in today’s processed foods world. This new label is going to be quite beneficial for dairy products suppliers in Pennsylvania that may have seen declines in sales in the past because of those who shy away from dairy products due to the perceived thoughts they have about the items.

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