New Fads Create New Words; So, What Are E Cig Cartomizers?

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Shopping and Fashion

Sometimes, arcane words are thought up by people committed to an idea or an action that they do not want others to intrude upon so they invent special words to be used only by the initiates. Other examples of arcane word invention arise from totally open groups of people involved in something new for which no existing words actually describe with the required accuracy so they make up words to be used between fellow aficionados of the new thing or fad. The phrase E Cig Cartomizers is not intended to be arcane but, unless you indulge in its associated habit, you may well be clueless as to its actual meaning.

Electronic Cigarettes

Each word has a clear cut meaning and it does not take too much imagination to think that an electronic cigarette somehow allows a person to smoke without fire – even when abbreviated to e-cig; that meaning is retained; however, the edges get blurred when you learn that e-cigs are also known as digital vapor devices, personal vaporizers, or electronic vaping devices (apparently, in some circles they are known as electronic nicotine delivery systems). The hint here is that there is no smoke and that it has been replaced by vapor – hence vaping instead of smoking and that the vapor is somehow produced by electronic digital means.

Actually, e-cigs use a heating element (correctly called an atomizer to vaporize a liquid solution that may, or may not, contain nicotine). Thus, the “vaper” can get a smoker’s hit of nicotine without burning any tobacco; since there is evidence that points to other products of tobacco combustion (particularly particulates) as being more harmful than the nicotine; fans of e-cigs believe that their vaping is less harmful to them and others in the vicinity than all traditional forms of tobacco smoking.

The Vaporizing Device

These have developed into quite a wide range of shapes, types, designs and sizes; some are disguised so as to mimic the appearance of traditional cigars and cigarettes but many of them have their own, totally unique, appearance. However, they all need some sort of atomizer in order to produce the vapor that can then be inhaled. In the phrase “E Cig Cartomizers”; “cartomizer” is a portmanteau word (a bit like a hybrid) made up by combining the existing words “cartridge” and “atomizer” used to describe that part of the e-cigarette where the liquid will be vaporized by the atomizer.

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