New Boat Towables Create Big Waves in the Recreational Water Sports Industry

Each year, when the weather is warm and comfortable, people from coast to coast thoroughly enjoy getting out on their boats and taking to the open water. Pleasure cruising, touring, and fishing are always popular activities that boaters look forward to and prepare for in the off-season. And one activity that’s always been very popular, and is indeed picking up even more participants every boating season is water skiing and other water activities.

Not so long ago, the greatest majority of towrope riders were on one or two skis. Occasionally, that big ‘ol black innertube could be seen being pulled along back. But recently, a good number of companies have brought to market a wide variety of fun and versatile boat towables, significantly opening up the market for virtually any number of riders, at most any age, size, and experience level on the water.

If you haven’t seen any of these most recent boat towables, you may just be amazed. Professionally designed to maximize safety and versatility, new models are manufactured with only the finest materials available. Naturally, the one- and two-person models are very popular, but new technology, design, and increasing demand for bigger and better towables have led to incredible advances in this market. Do you have 8, 10, or even 12 people that would all like to ride- together? There’s no problem with that now, as there are towable tubes that accommodate the whole group safely and comfortably.

Imagine if you will towables that you can stand, sit, or kneel in on your ride. Enjoy drinks with mini-fridges and cup holders. Multiple tow points provide a variety of riding experiences. Lean back on the high-visibility risers and listen to some music. These are just a few examples of the many ways these towables can make an already enjoyable boat ride itself become a most fun and memorable one. You’ll have your guests lining up to experience your next towable expedition. Maybe next time, they can pay for the gas and refreshments!

To check out these fabulous new boat towables and much more, go to the WOW – WORLD OF WATERSPORTS website at

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