Never Lose Your Designer Sunglasses on the Water in South Carolina

Spending pretty pennies on high-tech, designer sunglasses is a guilty pleasure we can all relate to. The tragedy of losing such sunglasses while sailing or rafting is just as widely known. Waves floating sunglasses fuse ahead-of-trend tech with unique styling to produce economical, high-quality sunglasses that flatter your face and float on water.

TPX: Lightweight Champion

Most casual and designer sunglasses on the market consist of polycarbonate frames. Waves floating sunglasses boast frames made with TPX Polymethylpentene, which is 30% lighter than polycarbonate, yet durable enough to withstand daily use, fun in the sun, and recreational activities on the water.

Since the frames of these sunglasses are so lightweight, they weigh less than the water they displace. Thus, the sunglasses float. It’s the simplest of physics, but it adds up to a product that eliminates the potential trauma of watching your prized shades sink into oblivion.

Durable Coated Lenses Resist Scratches, Fog, and Harmful UV Rays

Floating is only where the benefits of these sunglasses begin. Their lenses have special coatings that resist scratching and fingerprint smudges as well. Antifog coating keeps the lenses clear in humid or slightly cool conditions. Hydrophobic coating causes condensation to bead quickly and roll off, preventing you from having to constantly wipe the frames clean while you’re rowing or paddle-boarding. Oleophobic coating prevents your lenses from picking up unsightly oils, while UV-protection shields your eyes from harmful, UV-related damage.

Wide Range of Shapes, Silhouettes, and Colors

Choose from dozens of styles and colors for the perfect pair of floatables to suit your taste and the shape of your face. Wayfarers bespeak timeless sensibilities, but Bahias, Palmettos, and Eddies each have subtle differences in silhouette to flatter face shapes from square to oval to those with angular features. Discover next-gen Waves floating sunglasses at Rheos Gear in Charleston, SC,.

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