Need Emergency Refrigeration? Keep Your Cool with a Chiller Trailer

You never want to lose the ability to keep your food or beverages cold. Nor do you want to run out of space for those items. These things happen, and they do so at the most inconvenient times.

When It’s Not Cold Enough

Keeping chilled items out until a repair or event takes place won’t help. Even with our cool Newcastle temperatures, the result will be warm or spoiled items. You can purchase or borrow a chiller unit from a neighbour or business. However, it will take time to cool down to the proper temperature.

The best way to keep your items cool is to find a chiller trailer for hire in Newcastle. These are portable walk-in units where you can temporarily store perishables in temperatures as low as -22 Celsius. Thus, everything remains cold and fresh until repairs or events are completed.

Why Choose a Chiller Trailer?

Why pick a chiller trailer for hire in Newcastle? First, they are available for emergencies on a 24/7 basis. So, if your freezer decides to die and start leaking everywhere at midnight, you can have a chiller trailer parked and hooked up in a few hours.

Second, if you’re hosting an event, renting a trailer is less expensive than buying new equipment. If you don’t hold regular events, then that equipment is left unused but still raises your electric bill. A chiller trailer is brought in right before the event and returned not long after.

Third, there’s more storage space. The capacity of 10.3 cubic meters is far more than a standard refrigerator or standalone freezer. Also, the trailers come with storage shelves for easy organization and retrieval.

In the end, renting a chiller trailer is worth keeping in mind. When you need a trailer while awaiting emergency repairs or hosting an event, contact The Northern Fridge Company’s specialists at

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