Need Cash? Sell Silver in Los Angeles

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Business

Do you need money? Most everyone does, but they often forget that items they have just lying around at home can get them needed cash. Just about everyone has old broken pieces of jewelry sitting inside a jewelry box or a little jeweler’s bag in a drawer. Broken gold bracelets, necklaces, broaches, rings without the diamonds and diamond earrings that have one earring missing are right there. Many people have old coins, guitars, horns, tubas and saxophones that are just waiting to be sold. If these items aren’t being used, and the sentimental value is gone, you can sell them and Sell Silver in Los Angeles to have the cash needed to buy something you want.

If you want to Sell Silver in Los Angeles, The Pico Union Pawn Shop where they buy many items of value, such as collectibles, platinum jewelry and computers. The company has been in business for over 40 years where they’ve been serving the communities of Glendale, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Pasadena by buying and selling gold, diamond, platinum, palladium, silver jewelry and coins. They’ll buy wedding bands, bracelets, dental gold, silver tea sets, 1/2 karat and larger diamonds.

The woman who buys designer handbags and has a collection of them that are in excellent condition can take them to the pawn shop and take out a loan. By borrowing the cash, you can later pay off the loan and get your handbags back. If you have a beautiful luxurious watch, expensive camera or expensive art collection with documentation, there’s no need to wait for a loan from a bank. Fill out the papers at the pawn shop, give them your precious article and walk out the door with the money needed for an emergency, gift, or vacation.

Don’t forget about the laptop you haven’t been using or the cameras, handbags, cellphones, trombones, saxophones, oboes and trumpets that are worth a lot of money. Rolex, and other luxury, high end, name brand watches, various cuts of diamonds over 1/2 karat, such as emerald, pear, oval, heart, round, Asscher, princess, radiant and Marquise are highly prized. Remember, a loan must be paid back, along with interest on the use of the money. You can always Sell Silver in Los Angeles without taking out a loan.


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