Need Carpet Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA?

Home owners that have carpet installed in their home should have them cleaned at least annually. Regular carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, VA ensures that grit, sand, dirt, allergens and stains are removed from the carpet. By keeping carpets clean with a regular maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of the carpet and this is important, because carpet is an expensive investment. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet cleaned at least once annually. New technologies are constantly evolving which make the entire process more efficient and less invasive. It used to be that carpet cleaning took almost a full day and then the carpets could not be walked on after cleaning until they were dry.

These days new technologies allow carpets to be cleaned in much less time and with different products that do not need to soak the carpet. Often carpets can be walked on right after they have been cleaned because the methods used do not involve water at all. Steam cleaning is still a method that is used, although it does not employ “steam”. Hot water is used under very high pressure to clean the carpet, using a very diluted detergent solution because full concentrated detergents actually attract stains in carpet. Dry compound carpet cleaning is another option when you don’t want to deal with wet carpets. There may be some pre-treatment required for more heavily soiled areas, but you can discuss this with any company that you decide to hire to get the job done for you.

Most companies that do carpet cleaning in Chesapeake will come to your home and give you an estimate on the work needed, depending largely on the age and condition of your carpet as well as the number of rooms needing carpet cleaning. You should ask when the job can be completed and schedule the time for your carpet cleaning after you are satisfied with the price quote. You should know that it is difficult to book carpet cleaning in the middle of the month or the end of the month because people usually move at those times and carpet cleaning companies are very busy.


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