Need a Dentist in Canton, MI? Try Brite Dental Care

If you are looking for a Dentist in Canton, MI, Brite Dental Care may be the place for you. Dr. Maha Zetouna provides cosmetic and general dentistry there, and she has been doing so for over 15 years. Brite Dental Care provides great offers for new patients, including a free patient exam and new patient special. It also provides services such as root canal therapy and wisdom teeth extraction. These two services, as well as the offers for new patients, will be discussed in this article.

If you are a new patient, Brite Dental Care will have excellent offers for you. It provides a new patient exam free of charge, which includes a screening for oral cancer, a gum and bite exam and a consultation. This exam would normally cost 120 dollars, making this a great value. Another offer for new patients is the new patient special. Patients receiving this special will get a professional cleaning, X-rays and a professional exam for 79 dollars. Patients should grab this deal up quickly before it expires.

Whether you need root canal therapy, a wisdom teeth extraction, teeth whitening, implants or something else, you’ll be covered. People are often nervous to get root canal therapy, but at Brite Dental Care you needn’t be nervous. A typical root canal treatment takes just 1-3 visits, and most people who get one have little or no pain associated with it. At the end of the treatment, your tooth will be restored and you will be glad you had the treatment done.

If are seeking a Dentist in Canton, MI to get your wisdom teeth taken out, you may wonder why you need this and whether it will be harmful in any way. The answer is that wisdom teeth are taken out so as to prevent them becoming impacted and causing crowding problems. If you have them taken out at Brite Dental Care, you can rest assured these problems will be prevented. Also, the extraction shouldn’t negatively affect your bite or speech in any way.

Looking for a new Dentist in Canton, MI can be a stressful experience, but Brite Dental Care is an excellent option for people with cosmetic and general dentistry needs. With fantastic offers for new patients and a wide variety of dental services offered, you will not be disappointed with Brite Dental Care. If you want awesome deals on high quality dental service, look no further than them.

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