Necessary Information for a Home Insurance Quote in Wichita, KS

When the time comes to price out homeowner’s insurance, many people aren’t sure where to start. While there are lots of opportunities to call on the phone or even check out a quote online, homeowners should take some time to prepare, gathering up all of the important information before getting started. Here are several things a person will need to get a home insurance quote in Wichita KS.

Information About the Home

The most important information needed for a home insurance quote in Wichita KS revolves around the home. Quotes are usually based on the size of the property, the home, and its contents. Homeowners should be prepared to reveal the year the home was built, the size of the home and the yard, and even details about the interior and exterior of the structure. The materials used for the roof and exterior of a home could make a difference in the insurance quote. Sometimes it helps to pull out an old homeowner’s insurance document to get all the details about the property in one place.

Information About the Residents

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t just about the actual home. It is also centered on the people in the house and what activities are going to be done in the house. For example, a person choosing to maintain a home business may pay more for homeowner’s insurance because of the risks involved or the number of people it brings to the house. On the other hand, someone that runs a child daycare center out of the home will need to have insurance that covers accidents that potentially could take place involving the children. This information is critical to the quote.

Past Insurance Information

Finally, with information about the home and its residents on hand, an insurance agent from somewhere like Andy Woodward Insurance Agency is going to want to know about the applicant’s homeowner’s insurance history. This includes questions about any lapses in coverage or claims that have been filed on the property. In most cases, the agent will want to know want the old policy’s number, the company through which it was set up, and the policy’s expiration date. Even questions about a resident’s car insurance could come into play when setting up a homeowner’s insurance quote.

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