Nail Salons in Philadelphia – Creating Beautiful Hands in the City of Brotherly Love

Noblewomen of the Ming Dynasty of China wore artificial nails as a status symbol, as an indicator that, unlike the commoners, they did not perform manual labor. In ancient Greece, women of the upper class wore empty pistachio shells over their nails, resulting in a trend that spread across Europe. Not to be outdone, in ancient Egypt women of royalty adorned their fingers with artificial nails of bone, ivory or gold.

Although the desire for beautiful nails hasn’t diminished much over the centuries, the primary reason for wearing artificial nail has transgressed beyond that of a status symbol. Artificial nails help to hide or fix broken, damaged or short natural nails. They are worn by people who have a difficult time growing their own nails, or those whose natural nails are weak or prone splitting, breaking or peeling.

Artificial nails are an excellent choice for those who bite their nails as the hardness of the nails them make them difficult to chew or bite. Due to the popularity of Nail Salons in Philadelphia one doesn’t have to venture far to find a salon creating beautiful, unique looking nails. Artificial nails are not a replacement for one’s natural nails, but rather than an extension of them.

There are two main methods of creating artificial nails – forms and tips. Forms are a type of mold that is fitted over the natural nail and then acrylic is applied with a small paintbrush, essentially creating a nail. Tips are made of lightweight plastic formed like nails that are glued to the ends of the natural nail. The liquid acrylic is applied over the entire nail. With both methods, the acrylic hardens and is then filed, buffed and smoothed to the desired length and shape.

Once this process is completed the nails are now ready for their finishing touches. First, they can be painted nearly any color imaginable. Or they can be painted in a French manicure in which just the tips are painted an off-white and the rest if the nail is left natural. Extras are available such as glitter, stones, crystals, sparkles or air-brushed painting designs making the nails as unique as the person wearing them. There are do-it-yourself nail extensions kits, however, done incorrectly, the natural nail bed is prone to damage. You and your nails are best served by having your nails taken care of by a professional at nail salons in Philadelphia.

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