Move Over Roger and Ebert: Audience Reviews of Broadway Theatre Shows

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Arts and Entertainment

You just sat through a Broadway show and you loved it. You take every opportunity to spread the positive word and encourage others that it is a play worth seeing. At, your opinion counts more than you know. This New York based internet forum created a platform for broadway theatre shows reviews, and you, the New York audience, are the critics whose opinions they want to know about. Fans and play lovers have a real voice and message to share in reviews of the play.

As a critic providing Reviews of Broadway theatre shows, you have an opportunity to write reviews that help play goers decide if they want to invest their time and money in a play they are really not familiar with or one they have not heard much feedback on. As a reviewer, you rate elements of the shows and share what you liked most (or least). With such an amazing task, your review can affect the decisions of others. Your goal is to become a part of the theatre world as a critic who discusses the overall qualities audiences enjoyed in currently featured Broadway plays. uses social media tools like chat rooms for word of mouth, open style discussion rooms to talk about the Broadway and off Broadway plays they have recently seen. The chat rooms come complete with more articles, surveys, photos and interviews of currently running plays. You can log on at any time and chat with other fans and critics. This creates a community of Reviews of Broadway theatre shows, which audience members can chat about. Reviewers can post on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites to show support and promote theatre as a source of powerful and entertaining performances. was created by theatre lovers who believed the laughter and applause of the audience was greater than the negative review of the critics. Theatre audiences take advantage of the interactive forum online to discuss all aspects of the Broadway play. The choreography, music, lighting, performance, costumes; every part can be discussed by the audience members. Your regular feedback on play reviews can be posted and shared. Before you know it, you can be viewed as a trusted, expert critic with a theatre soul.

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