Motorized Roller Shades Add Convenience and Elegance to Your Home

Interior roller shades are very effective in reducing cooling costs and keeping your views free from sun glare. Today’s special fabrics allow you to see what is going on outside while filtering out the light coming into the room. From energy efficiency to elegant styles – the benefits to your home are considerable.

Energy efficient and cost-saving
Motorized Roller Shades create comfortable and energy-efficient environments both in your home and at your place of business. They add convenience and luxury to your living space especially for hard to reach or larger windows. Remote control accessibility for higher-up windows make this type of window covering very attractive. For bedrooms or home theatres, room-blackening covers provide optimal darkening features.

Convenience is built in these motorized shades
You will find that you no longer have to spend your valuable time adjusting heavy blinds to eliminate glare. Just press a button to raise or lower roller shades. Many styles are available including hand-held remotes or wall-mounted keypads. Each shade can be controlled separately or with multiple shades at one time. The remotes are either battery operated or wired lead motor for contractor installations.

Classy styles to match modern decor
The styles of shades vary with sun-screening, light-filtering, and black-out fabrics. Many include the option of having the fabric roll up and disappear for a sleek, clean look with or without head rail. Some styles feature two separately moving roller shades, one in a light-filtering fabric with a room darkening version over the top. This give two separate amounts of room-darkening variability.

Automated shades can fit in with other home automated systems
Many new homes or offices can integrate the motorized roller shades in with other automated systems such as audio/video entertainment systems, heating/cooling systems, and security systems. Some of these controlled-environment systems can even be adjusted when you are away from home. Pre-set options are available to optimize your preferences such as raising and lowering only, tilt or rise only, and lower and tilt features. Even solar-sensitive timers are available for motorized roller shades. All of these options work together to create a comfortable environment in your living spaces.

To view the newest in styles and designs of motorized roller window coverings visit website. They will be glad to help you select the shades that will fit in with your home furnishings and décor.

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