Moquitoes, Ants And Spiders Are Everywhere And Insect Control In Tulsa OK Can Help To Rid Your Life Of Them

Nothing is more irritating than an insect problem. Mosquitoes in your yard keep you locked inside all spring, summer and fall. The biggest problems with mosquitoes are they carry so many diseases and some can be fatal. An exterminator can help you with these pesky bugs with a product called MistAway. This product has DEET in it and can help to keep you free of mosquito bites.

Another bug you may have come across is fire ants. These little red ants pack a punch with their bites and can leave you scared and susceptible to a secondary bacterial infection if bit by one. Small birds and small animals can also be harmed by these ants. Fire ants can be safely exterminated by Insect Control services in Tulsa Ok to keep your family safe.
Fire ants are not only hazardous to you, they are also hazardous to corn and soybeans. These ants will eat the seeds of newly germinating plants and will sometimes feed on the buds of trees eventually killing a tree. If a colony of ants should build a nest under the sidewalk or road, when the nest dies it will collapse them leaving a broken sidewalk or even a pot hole in the road

One of the most frightening spiders is a Black Widow. Both of these spiders are potentially dangerous. A Black Widow spider will bite you and the bite can bring on chest and muscle pain, cramps in the abdomen and nausea and can continue for several weeks.

The Brown Recluse Spider is another spider you do not want around your home. This spider bite will hurt when first bitten for a short time. Over the next 10-14 days tissue damage begins to occur and the poison it leaves in your skin begins to cause extensive tissue damage. It can take 6-8 weeks for this spider bite to heal and could land you in the hospital.

Having pests around your home or office can be irritating, scary or downright deadly if one takes up residence in your home. Calling a professional exterminator like American Services Inc to rid your home of these unwanted and dangerous pests is the smartest thing to do.

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