Monthly Pool Maintenance Can Extend Your Swim Season

August is hot and humid, and nothing feels better than a quick dip in the pool. But lurking under that clear water could be some unhealthy bacteria which can cause major problems with pool equipment and swimmers. That is why a regular weekly pool cleaning service is necessary if you are not able to do it yourself.

Just because pool water looks clear does not mean it is fine to swim in. Mellow Water Pool Service, LLC is a licensed pool service company that can provide monthly full-service pool cleaning. This includes regularly checking the water balance to ensure your pool water is safe, comfortable, and corrosion free.

Pool water should be clean, and the chemicals should stay in balance to keep the pool equipment running cleanly. Pool water that is not balanced can cause corrosion and ruin the pump, filter, and valves. Balancing the chemicals in the water is complex and many times require the services of professional pool cleaners.

Hiring a pool cleaning service is the best option for most people. Pool clean up takes time. By hiring a professional pool cleaning service can increase the life of the pool equipment. A professional pool cleaning service will clean the filter, clean the skimmer, remove debris that has blown into the pool, vacuum the pool bottom, balance the chemicals, and ensure the pool equipment is functioning properly.

To keep the water clean pool owners should run the pool pump 24 hours a day. However, many people only allow the pump to run during the daylight hours. This is fine in most situations. However, if the pool does not stay clean, then the pump should run for a longer period of time.

Hiring a pool cleaning service is the best option for homeowners to keep their pool in tip-top shape during the swimming season.

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