Missing Teeth? Dental Implants in Louisville, KY Can Replace Them

Losing a tooth is a very upsetting experience for people. It is painful and leaves an embarrassing gap in their smile. Dental implants in Louisville, KY can easily replace the tooth root and support a realistic crown. In just a few months, the process will be complete and the patient’s smile will be restored. Just as importantly they can use the tooth to speak normally and chew their food. Because an implant is drilled into the patient’s jawbone, it keeps the jaw strong and healthy. When a person loses a tooth and it isn’t replaced, the jaw immediately starts to lose size and density.

It’s therefore important that the patient consider dental implants as soon as possible after they loose a tooth. The dentist will take x-rays to ensure that there is sufficient bone to hold an implant. If there isn’t and the patient still wants an implant, they can seek the help of an oral surgeon. This expert will augment the bone with a graft. Once that has healed, the dentist can insert the implant. It usually takes about six to eight weeks for the jaw to full integrate the dental implant. At that point, the implant is as strong as the original tooth root. The dentist will place a porcelain crown on top if it. The result is so realistic that very few people will identify it as a crown. With proper care it should last over 20 years. Dentists at Moore Smiles will ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the process. Patients can Visit their Site to learn more about the office.

Dental implants in Louisville, KY can also be used to secure dentures. If losing one tooth is upsetting, then loosing all or most of their teeth can depress a person. They may have heard older relatives talk about how dentures slip while speaking or eating. When dentures are secured by dental implants, they stay securely in place. The dentist inserts implants in several locations throughout the patient’s jaws. Instead of placing crowns on them, they are topped with small metal balls. These balls fit easily into slots on the bottom of the dentures. In the morning, the patient takes their clean dentures and snaps them in place. They can then speak and eat in public with confidence.


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