Mechano Growth Factor – What is it and How is it Manufactured?

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Health Care

Peptides are short chain amino acid monomers linked by amide (peptide) bonds. They are identified through lab tests based on size and are categorized by function. Mechano Growth Factor, also known as MGF or IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) and is used by some athletes and bodybuilders after muscle-resistant exercise. IGF-1 is a peptide hormone that is naturally produced by the human body after resistance training exercises. It is related to the mechanical use of muscles. MGF is a peptide that aids in the repairs of muscle damage and hypertrophy. It can prevent atrophy in muscle tissue.

Peptides are behind the proteins that when naturally produced by the body, are the important building blocks of tissue repair and regeneration. Peptide molecules play a significant and mandatory role in how proteins are formed and how they function. Science has found ways to study and research these tiny molecules and their makeup. This is how they manufacture synthetic forms of peptides like MGF used to boost the production of tissue repair and regeneration when the natural production fails or is inadequate.

The benefits of MGF encompass things like improvements in skeketal muscle regeneration, enhanced bone density, and improved efficiency in muscle tissue recovery. Some known side effects that may result from MGF can include swelling of the extremities, vast drops in blood pressure, and increased risk of cardiac episodes including heart attack. Not everyone is going to experience problems with this peptide, but it is important to know the risks before creating a product that includes MGF and before providing it to the public.

What should you expect from a lab that can produce peptides and MGF?

  • Superior and strict quality control
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 98 percent or higher purity guarantee
  • Mass and comprehensive testing

Choosing a lab for your peptide recreation needs means knowing that they use the highest standards in care to ensure that your products are safe and of quality for your customers or patients. Mechano Growth Factor is one of many types of peptide proteins that can be custom synthesized and made available for use by those who want to enhance their athletic or bodybuilding performance. Pro Peptides is a lab that has proven that its standard of care meets or exceeds regulations and expectations.

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