Mass Mailing Computer Software for Businesses

There are several tools available for the upkeep of mailing databases; one of them is USPS CASS software. CASS, which stands for certified address standardization software, is a highly capable program. This kind of computer program can help you with various tasks when dealing with the maintenance of your address database. It will maintain all of your ZIP code data, and in addition it will help you in achieving the highest possible discounts available for your presorted mail. If you’ve found that your current solutions can’t keep up with your current business plan then maybe it’s time for an upgrade to a CASS system.

Get Connected with Your Post Office

By using your new solution to connect directly to the online national database that’s maintained by the United States Postal Service, it will permit you to keep your addresses up to date. It will also assist by reducing the number of pieces of undeliverable mail you send out, and by integrating with the National Address File it will constantly keep up to date all ZIP+4 and ZIP information. This will help up your productivity and reduce downtime because of failed deliveries. The last thing your company wants is for hundreds of mailers to be returned to them because of an accidental misprint of mailing information.

Compatibility with Delivery Point Validation Programs

This program works well with a program referred to as DPV or delivery point validation software. This adds another layer of protection against failed deliveries.  This particular solution helps ensure that all of your mailings reach their final destinations, and will keep you informed when they do not. This gives you a solid idea how things are looking on the logistical end. This allows your mail department to keep you updated on the state of all outgoing mailings. It also gives you vital data concerning the state of your company’s mail order customers, and it will inform you if you’ve been losing people to information errors or if they have not updated their addresses.

These are highly regarded solutions that can be used for your business. They are extremely useful when your databases are becoming difficult to maintain. These utilities will turn an entire department or a division around because of the wealth of information it provides. By having integrated access to the USPS, it can handle a tremendous amount of info. If you deliver anything on a mass scale, then this is something you should seriously consider.

Do you want to try USPS CASS software? Anchor Computer Software provides USPS Certified solutions for address correction and standardization.

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