Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Helps Treat Opiate Abuse

One of the major types of addiction that is often addressed by Malibu drug addiction treatment centers is the ongoing abuse of opiates. Opiates are a kind of narcotic and are frequently prescribed for pain relief, but in some cases these drugs are misused and abused by patients, who then may need addiction treatment.

Opiates are very addictive because they produce a sense of euphoria in some users, and if taken for a long period of time, medications like hydrocodone or oxycodone can lose their effect and the person craves more to get the same results. It is because the body builds up a tolerance and the normal dosage no longer relieves their pain.

Reasons People Get Addicted to Opiates Can Differ

There are several reasons some people seem to be more susceptible to getting addicted to opiates. These include genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental reasons. So, for instance, if one family member has gotten addicted to opiates, another may be more likely to have the same thing happen to them.

If the addiction is biological, the person’s brain may not make enough endorphins and so it craves the opiates, which are able to produce them. If so, they need treatment at a Malibu drug addiction treatment center to help them get over this issue. Psychological dependence happens because the addict wants to experience the euphoric feeling produced by the opiates, and an environmental cause is, for instance, if they see others abusing them and do the same thing because they think it is normal or common to do.

Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Helps Relieve Withdrawal Symptoms

If someone is addicted to opiates, they may go through a painful withdrawal if they try to stop taking them on their own. However, if they go through a Malibu drug addiction treatment clinic the doctors will help them to get through it safely and less painfully.

So if you or a loved one is dealing with an opioid dependence, seek help at a Malibu drug addiction treatment center that specializes in dealing with abuse of these types of medications.

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