Making sure your workers compensation claim is paid

Insurance companies who handle workers compensation don’t like to pay out on claims, they are constantly looking for ways to either deny the claim all-together or at least minimize the payout. If you are injured in the workplace you are entitled to workers comp benefits and the benefits will run until such time as you are ready to go back to work. To make sure that you are not denied your rightful benefits or to make sure your benefits are not terminated prematurely you need to understand a few rules that apply and if you fail, you will most likely need to hire a workers compensation lawyer in Chicago.

Reporting: There is a short window in which to report the injury, usually the time period is 30 days or less. Missing this deadline may not bar you from bringing a claim but it is better not to risk it; do not wait if you can avoid it. If you were injured and you think the injury will cause you to miss work, report it to a supervisor immediately.

Witnesses: If anyone saw the accident happen get their names, it may prove pivotal in a close case for you to have someone who can attest the accident happened at work.

Medical care: If you feel you need medical care see a doctor, in the event that the injury was such that immediate attention is needed ask to be taken to the emergency room, don’t wait. Insurance companies will contend that if you didn’t need medical attention then you really weren’t hurt.

Accident reports: Most employers expect the injured employee to complete an accident report and sign it. It is important that the report explains in detail how you got hurt. If your work entails a great deal of repetitive movement your injury may be caused by overwork, do not hesitate to report the work you do and have been doing. If you are not well enough to fill the report out when asked to do so by your employer, then don’t; fill it out at a later date when you feel up to it and you can focus on the event.

Be consistent: Insurance companies look for inconsistencies in statements that you make regarding the accident. Do not tell the supervisor one thing and your doctor another; this will hurt your case.

If you are having difficulties getting the proper compensation do not hesitate to contact a workers compensation lawyer in Chicago, you may find that the lawyer can help you clear things up or you should consider taking the case further.



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