Make the Right Choices for Your Chocolate CD

If you have made the decision to use a chocolate CD for your next event, your decisions don’t end there. To make sure the CD does an effective job of achieving whatever you would like to accomplish, you need to pay attention to every detail of the CD you choose. Not all chocolate companies are capable of providing you with the quality product that will really leave a good impression on everyone who receives one.

Imprint the CD

As you consider what you would like imprinted on the CD, you have a few options. Some companies will offer stock printing for the CDs to make ordering easy for you. However, if the stock printed CDs don’t match what you want to achieve, you can submit your own artwork to be imprinted into the chocolate CDs. You can also have them imprinted with text, such as a name or date. Even though the chocolate is likely to be eaten, it will still impress those who receive it.

Type of Chocolate

Not all chocolate is created equal. Some companies simply throw together any chocolate, thinking chocolate is all the same. This often results in chocolate that doesn’t have the rich taste people truly enjoy. If you can find a company that provides Belgian chocolate, you can be sure of the quality. Any company that isn’t willing to specify the type of chocolate they use in a chocolate CD isn’t one from which you want to order.

Create the Insert

Another important factor you need to determine is what you would like printed on the insert for the CD. This insert can be printed with pictures, text or a combination of the two to create just the look you desire for the CD. When this insert is placed inside the case for the chocolate CDs, it will look as if it is a real CD. When they open it up, they will be pleasantly surprised to find a special treat.

A custom chocolate CD can be the perfect option for a variety of occasions as long as you take the time to truly customize one to best suit your event. To make sure the CD matches up with your event, you must choose what to imprint on the CD, as well as the insert, to create the look of a real CD. When you give one of these delicious chocolate CDs out instead of a real CD, most people will be intrigued and pleased.

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