Make Informed Decisions When Using Locksmiths In Orange County

by | Jan 18, 2014 | Security

Just because you have the most expensive locks in the industry on your home that does not mean you are secure. As a matter of fact, depending on the type of door and enclosures on the door, it may be easier to bypass the locks altogether if an intruder really wanted in the home. There are ways to pick a lock that work well with the door you have now and that may not have to do with price alone. If you are in need of finding Locksmiths Orange County do a little homework first so that you can make informed decisions.

Four things to know about the Orange County locksmith world have to do with how the mechanisms work in the first place, the latest in industry standards, when it is time to replace a lot and lastly, finishes to your lock that can add the aesthetic look you are desiring to compliment your architecture. The most important concept to grasp is how the mechanisms work so you know how the key unlocks your home. The most common pin and tumbler mechanisms use the lock to align all the mechanisms inside the lock and when all are matched up correctly it will unlock the door.

A step up in advancements in protecting the home through the lock is by using a side-locking bar mechanism. One favorite way to get into homes it to simply pick the lock of the basic pin and tumbler locks in a manner called bumping. The side-locking bar can prevent against this type of offensive break in technique. The last most popular lock for a residence is the tubular locks and they are now by far the most popular.

There are three ways in which to check on the standards for the type of locks you choose. According to the American National Standards Institute they have three ratings graded from 3, 2 and 1, with 1 being the highest of standards. Check with Southern California Security Centers Inc. on final finishes on locks to correspond with your home and the cost calculations to replace when needed. While the third level is good, the first level is the best by far. Calculate how many times room-mates or living situations change and determine if you need a more expensive lock setting or one that will suffice after normal wear and tear.


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