Maintenance Tips You Should Practice to Extend the Lifespan of Your Boiler

If your boiler is going to provide you with hot water especially during the winter, you will have to maintain it in good condition. However, many people use boilers daily but know very little about their maintenance. Some people who own boilers assume that they should call in professional technicians to check on their boilers once they develop problems. But, you should also hire competent technicians to help you with the following maintenance tips:

• Keep the controls and heating systems clean: If you allow the soot to build up in the sensitive tubes of the Boilers, the soot spills out and accesses the delicate parts of the boiler. For your boiler to operate efficiently and supply hot water consistently, maintaining its valves clean is not an option. Ensure that the room where you keep the boiler is clean and wipe down its burner parts to prepare it for the heating season.

• Check the color of the flame from the burner: The flame color that the burner releases can indicate air and oil mixture problems. If the burner releases black or dark orange smoke, you should know that there is very little air and too much oil in the boiler. Very pale flame indicates there is little oil and excess air in the boiler. Performing a combustion test helps in determining whether the burner is using fuel efficiently and if the fuel oil gauge is accurate enough.

• Carry out annual maintenance tasks: This helps you to know if your boiler requires refractory replacements and repairs or not. You should inspect if the vertical and horizontal seams of your boiler are leaking. Moreover, you should check for any leakage in the stay bolts, mud legs, and goosenecks.

• Make final heating checks: High stack temperatures indicate burner failure, potential ignition, poor efficiency, and soot build-up. Clean and flush out the mud legs and inspect the return lines of your boilers regularly. Inspect the condition of the air vents on the radiators, risers and mains in your office, room, or apartment.

If your boiler shows signs of failure, look for companies in your area with longevity and a proven track record in the heating industry. A good example, as well as, an ideal starting point for heating services or repair needs would be speaking with a certified technician at a company similar to Horizon Services, located in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Contact them at

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