Maintaining a Septic System with Septic Repair Services in Olympia WA

A septic system can provide a method for cleaning waste water that comes out of a home. It has been utilized for many years to provide a safe and effective way of cleaning water and returning it to the environment. Many homes across the country still utilize these systems to clean waste water without the use of harsh chemicals. However, it is important to maintain this system to prevent problems. It is also important to seek septic repair services in Olympia WA whenever a problem arises.

How a septic system works

Waste water from the home is transported to a water-tight container underground. In this container or septic tank, the heavy materials settle to the bottom of the tank. Oil and greasy materials float to the top. The remaining water in the center is piped to a drain field. Here, the water is slowly released through a perforated pipe. The water is then filtered naturally through rock and soil. Bacteria in the soil can clean water and allow it to naturally return to the environment.

What occurs in the septic tank

The remaining sludge at the bottom of a septic tank, as well as the oils on top, are then consumed by bacteria in the tank. Anaerobic bacteria eats this solid material and ultimately returns water to the environment. However, this can only occur if the right bacteria is present in the tank. In addition, this tank does need to be cleaned of the sludge at regular intervals to prevent clogs and other problems. Professional septic repair services in Olympia WA can help with these issues.

How to tell when there is a problem

It is important to identify and address issues with a septic system as soon as possible. Slow moving drains and foul smells in the home or yard can be a sign of a full septic tank or other issue. Addressing these problems immediately can prevent further issues and costly damages. Eventually, waste water can back-up into the home and cause damage and health issues. It can also cause pooling in the yard and other problems that can be quite costly to repair.

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