Lyme Disease and your Pet

During the summer months your pet is in danger of being exposed to tick borne illnesses. You can have the vaccinations Durham pet owners use to protect your pet against Lyme disease. You can also avoid areas known to be a high risk for ticks. For the safety of both your pets and yourself there are a few more precautions you can take to avoid tick borne illnesses.

Yard Maintenance
Following a few landscaping and maintenance tips will help keep your property free of ticks:

  • Trim grass and bushes in the areas your pets and children play
  • Clear dead leaves and other yard trash
  • Keep your lawn mown
  • Arrange a barrier to separate your lawn from brush and bush with gravel or wood chips
  • Rodents carry ticks so keep wood neatly stacked to deter them from living on your property
  • Construct fences to keep animals off your property

Detection and Removal
Without the vaccinations in Durham pet owners should arrange for their pets it is important to check your pets regularly for ticks and if you spot a tick remove it immediately. Ticks can be removed using a pair of tweezers. You can take hold of the tick as close to your pet’s skin as possible and remove it gently. There are even tools designed for tick removal and if you are in an area known for ticks you can keep one at home. You must then thoroughly clean the area with iodine, soap or alcohol. Place the tick in a jar or small sandwich bag and visit your vet just to ensure the head or feeding tube has been completely removed. Your vet can then check the tick for Lyme disease. Watch your pet for the symptoms of tick borne illnesses including lameness, loss of appetite, depression and fatigue.

Tick Repellents
You can also discuss tick repellents with your vet. Pesticides work for dogs but should not be used on cats. Products work in different ways either on contact or through the bloodstream. They come in various products from dusts to sprays and collars to topical applications. Fipronal, Pyrethroids and Amitraz are types of topical applications. Pyrethoid repellent products keep ticks away from your dog and tick bar soaps and patches are also available. Click here to get more information.


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