Low Voltage Exterior Lighting for Added Outdoor Fun

safe_image.php3Adding landscape lighting enhances your home and adds value. Landscape lighting offers many benefits when it comes to appearance, safety, and functionality. The reason most people look into landscape lighting is for appearance. It simply makes outside features pop. When you add low voltage exterior lighting, you’re adding an whole new night time appearance to your home. This will impact your home’s overall appearance and therefore its ultimate value. Outdoor lighting has other very practical uses in addition to just looking great.

Landscape lighting is functional. With lighting, you can use your backyard at night. This makes it great for entertaining, having family nights, or just sitting outside in your beautiful backyard and relaxing. Lighting adds security. It protects your home from criminals because they can be easily spotted. Criminals avoid homes that are well lit on the outside, knowing it’s going to be much harder to get inside undetected. It also adds an element of personal safety. Lights illuminate hazards like stairs and drop offs.

Landscape lighting can be halogen or LED. Halogen lights are the traditional outdoor lights. They are cheaper but use more energy. LED lights are more energy efficient, but you will have a higher upfront cost. There are different names for different placements of lights. Pathway lights go around pathways, just as the name implies. Bullet lights can be pointed up to highlight any features in the yard like trees, shrubs, fountains. The lights can also be pointed downward towards the feature for a nice glow. In ground well lights are underground, and can be used almost anywhere, or they can serve similar function as bullet lights. You can mix and match the different types of lights for added safety and style.

Your backyard shouldn’t have to be off limits when the sun goes down. There are so many opportunities for fun and entertainment at night, and having low voltage exterior lighting will make that possible for you and your family. Check out Touchscape Accent Lighting to see more options in the landscape lighting category. You will find that you can easily transform your outdoor space by simply adding lights. Enjoy your beautiful backyard even more with stylish landscape lighting.

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