Losing Weight With Gastric Banding in Louisiana

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Health Care

There are many health risks associated with obesity, and there are a number of causes for the condition that are interrelated with a variety of factors. Although there are many misconceptions about obesity, it is a medical condition that has a genetic component to it, along with social, and psychological components as well. People who have struggled with obesity for a significant part of their lives have options available to them that can assist them with getting their bodies to a healthier weight. Gastric Banding in Louisiana is a laparoscopic surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach to reduce the amount of food it can hold. This strategy also makes patients feel full with smaller amounts of food, which causes them to gradually lose weight.

Although weight loss surgeons who perform Gastric Banding in Louisiana are highly trained medical professionals, patients must still engage in a healthy lifestyle to receive all the benefits from their surgery. Gastric banding helps patients lose weight, but it is not meant to reduce the amount of nutrition they receive. A controlled diet, in addition to short and long-term follow up care, will contribute to the surgery’s success, and help patients remain as healthy as possible. They must implement dietary changes they will have to incorporate into their regular daily habits, and many other detailed changes they will need to make to ensure they have a successful outcome.

Support groups are also an integral part of gastric banding surgery. They are effective tools that guide patients through their challenges, and answer questions they may need answers to. They provide emotional support patients need after surgery, and they help patients create a supportive association with other patients who are experiencing many of the same things. Weight loss surgeons recommend support groups after gastric banding surgery because of the positive results patients experience with the additional encouragement and information they provide.

Freedom From Obesity is composed of a team of surgical specialists who are highly trained to perform a variety of weight loss surgeries. Once patients have exhausted all other weight loss options, Freedom From Obesity will provide the services they need to start on their plan to reach their weight loss goal. They accept many insurance plans and also offer several financing options as well. They are a compassionate team of professionals who have the experience patients are searching for.



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