Looking for Winter Activities in NYC for Your Kid? Try Ice Skating Classes

If you’re looking for winter activities in NYC for your kid but are unsure of what to do, try ice skating. Kids love this activity and quickly develop a knack for it.

Why Ice Skating Classes Are Excellent for Young Kids

Kids need fun winter activities in NYC during their holiday breaks, so signing them up for ice skating classes is an excellent idea. Firstly, kids are easily acquainted with the ice and learn to balance their bodies well. When they take classes at Wollman Rink, they’ll follow the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, which is progressive and gradually builds momentum till your kid aces skating on their own.

Secondly, kids don’t stop skating once they’ve learned it and enjoy the thrill of this outdoor activity a lot. This will become a lifelong sport for them. Lastly, the sport will help your child find friends, coaches, and other active skaters, and they can build lasting friendships in the community.

Are Ice Skating Classes Safe?

The answer is a short and simple yes. When classes start, coaches will explain the correct way to fall and get up in the ice rink, so your kid doesn’t get hurt. They’ll also wear protective items at all times. Not only are ice skating classes safe, but they help instill confidence in your child as they will learn to get up after a failure, all while learning a new skill.

What to Do After Your Kid Has Picked up Some Ice-Skating Skills?

After your kid gets better at ice skating, they have different options. They can try figure skating, which is a popular Olympic sport that requires a strong foundation. They’ll learn several eye-catching techniques and will get to practice them often. Your kid can also try ice hockey by joining youth hockey programs.

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