Living on Campus While Going to College in California Is the Way to Go

While it’s true that living in your own apartment is much better than living in a college dorm, there is still a big difference between living on-campus versus off-campus. In all actuality, living in Orange Coast College’s on-campus housing is the better option for students. There are many reasons why this is so.

No Need to Drive

While having a car is certainly a great thing to have when you are an adult college student, driving to campus every day while fighting traffic jams and continually having to fill up your tank can become quite tiresome. With on-campus housing, you can simply walk to classes or any of the other offerings and save the driving for when you travel back home.

Roommate Matching

Instead of having to live with random strangers, the apartment complex can provide a roommate matching service that pairs you with people of similar interests. This means you won’t end up living with a nightmare roommate, which can negatively affect your school career.

More Opportunities

When you live off-campus, it can be easy to miss out on academic and social opportunities. If you live in an on-campus apartment, you get the privacy that an apartment brings while still being “in the loop” when it comes to the many events that college provides.

Saves Money

Without the need for daily commuting combined with access to all that the campus has to offer, you can definitely save money by choosing Orange Coast College on-campus housing when compared to both off-campus living as well as dorm living.

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