Living Off The Strip

If you are looking for real estate for sale in the Las Vegas Strip, what type you are looking for and how close you want to be to the action will determine its availability. The Las Vegas Strip is constantly in motion. While here are a few homes nearby, many prefer to live outside the vibrant center but with close access. They choose to live nearby. In this manner, they can work and/or play on the Strip but have a life that is a contrast to what is stereotypically found there.

Communities Built Off the Las Vegas Strip

Many who start looking for real estate for sale in the Las Vegas Strip find themselves actually drawn to communities near Las Vegas. You can arrange for a visit to any of several purpose built communities. You can also visit communities that have been around for longer. Among the popular destinations are:

  • Spring Valley

  • Summerlin

  • Summerlin South

  • Paradise

  • Searchlight

  • Whitney

  • Enterprise

  • Henderson

Why Consider Real Estate For Sale Off The Las Vegas Strip?

While many people may desire the action that comes with real estate for sale in the Las Vegas Strip, it is not for everyone. The noise, glitz and constant barrage of tourists makes for an unreal atmosphere. While it is easy to leave Las Vegas behind for a daytrip, it is often better to not live in the center of the action at all. By leaving Las Vegas behind, or at least what people consider its heart – the Las Vegas Strip, you can see life through non-gambling and non-tourist glasses.

If you choose to leave the downtown, you can truly work at becoming a resident. You also become aware that Nevada is more than the sum of Las Vegas. Indeed, you can:

  • Explore the mining past by living in the older communities of Searchlight and Henderson

  • Be part of the quieter gated communities found in Summerlin and Spring Valley

  • Enjoy the normal and daily activities of natives such as going to the library, or attending an event at the local Senior Center or Recreation Center

  • Send your children off to elementary school or to Nevada State College in Henderson

  • Attend church, synagogue or other religious centers

While real estate for sale in the Las Vegas Strip may be attractive to many, it can also be a deterrent to those who want to live a more normal life. Instead, they are drawn to communities that still offer them access to all the pleasures of Las Vegas, but also provide them with the comfort and quietness of smaller urban communities. They turn to purpose built communities such as Spring Valley. Here, they find what they want and stay to become, if not actually natives, residents.

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