Life Near ASU: Tips to Keep in Mind if You’re Going to Live Off Campus

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Student Housing Center

You know that you’re going to be looking for off-campus housing by ASU for the school year, but you aren’t sure if you’re prepared. Well, the following tips will help you prepare.

Choosing Roommates

One perk of finding off-campus housing by ASU is that you can choose to have or not have roommates. If you need roommates, make sure you discuss everything upfront. It can be strange to talk about certain things, like whether or not they like to smoke or are okay with it. You’ll want to talk about living styles, like tidiness or noise. You don’t want any tension with your roommates.

Renters Insurance

It’s important to get renter’s insurance. This is something folks don’t think about, but it gives you peace of mind. You’ll probably keep a lot of stuff in your apartment, and you won’t always be there to watch everything. Your electronics, printer, or laptop could all be stolen. The good thing is that renters insurance covers theft among other things, and it doesn’t cost much.

Check the Safety

Be sure to pay attention to safety. You want to make sure your locks work and that your windows look secure. You also want to see what kind of security the apartment complex offers. Some ensure that only residents have access to the building. You should feel safe in your home and enjoy the amenities therein.

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