Let a Drain Doctor Be the One to Diagnose Your Drain’s Health Problems

Homeowners are a funny breed. Things they could easily do for themselves, something they can see to do, such as house cleaning, for example, or painting … they’ll often hire someone else to do for them. Yet, when something comes along that would be better handled by a professional, such as Drain Cleaning in San Diego, they try and solve the problem, one which they cannot see, themselves, almost always using a bottle of generic drain cleaner purchased at the local supermarket.

Drain problems San Diego, whether they be slow running, totally clogged, leaking or emitting a foul odor, are symptoms indicative of a specific disorder. A home’s drainage system is a significant and sophisticated working part of the home. Both your drains and your pocketbook are best served by calling a plumber for help when your drains develop trouble. You’ll describe your drain’s symptoms to the plumber much as you’d describe your body’s symptoms to a doctor, in order for him to diagnose their illness, because that’s what he’s trained to do.

Symptoms of common drain problems include things such as buildup or clogging with dirt, food, grease, soap, sludge, foreign objects and so forth. Sometimes a pipe freezes or breaks, even underground. Sometimes tree roots penetrate pipes, filling them and causing them to crack, break and/or run slowly. Solutions to these various drain issues vary. In some cases, liquid drain cleaner might be the correct solution, but almost surely the plumber’s version will be much more powerful than anything you can purchase over the counter, and in addition, will be assuredly suited for the materials from which your pipes are constructed, something you may not have considered when you purchased your bottle of generic pipe fizz. In other instances, the plumber may need to use an auger to clean out the clogs in your pipes. Professional pipe augers sometimes extend for dozens of feet, long enough to completely clean out a line. The homeowner’s auger (if he even has one) is rarely this capable. These are just two examples of how better qualified Drain Cleaning in San Diego is than the average homeowner to solve complex drain issues. Visit online and bookmark our web address. Then, the next time your drains are not functioning as they should, you can call the drain doctor and let the professionals restore fast flow to your drains, saving you both time and money in the process.


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