Less Visible Signs a Car Needs Auto Body Repair in Tempe, AZ

Whether damage to a vehicle has occurred during a serious accident, a minor fender-bender, or a parking lot mishap, it’s always best for drivers to take their vehicles to a specialized shop for Auto Body Repair in Tempe AZ. It’s not always obvious when a vehicle has sustained minor damage, though. Read on to find out about a few of the less-visible signs it’s time to head to an auto body repair shop for help with deciding with whether to take action.

Car Pulls to the Side

There are a few reasons that vehicles might pull to the side when drivers release the steering wheel. If the vehicle has been in a recent collision, it may have caused damage to the tie rod or control arm. When this is the case, drivers almost always need auto body repair as well as mechanical repairs.

Leaking Fluids

Potholes and damaged roads can wreak havoc on the underside of a car. If a vehicle is leaking fluids, drivers should prioritize mechanical repairs but also take a look at the vehicles’ bumpers and underside to ensure there’s no damage to the body. If there is, take the car to a shop that specializes in auto body repair in Tempe AZ after retrieving it from the mechanic.

Strange Sounds

There are many reasons for a vehicle to make strange sounds, but if it sounds like something is dragging on the ground while heading down the road, those sounds may be a sign it’s time for auto body repairs. Check to see if any of the vehicle’s components are hanging too low. If the bumper or the protective panels beneath the car are scraping on the ground, drivers need to have them repaired immediately.

Small Scratches and Dents

Look for small scratches and dents near the wheel wells. These can usually be repaired easily and quickly by a professional auto body technician, so take the car to a shop immediately.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, it’s obvious when a car needs auto body repairs, but there aren’t any readily visible signs of trouble. That’s why drivers should keep an eye and an ear out for the warning signs listed above. When they notice any signs of trouble, it’s time to call Ultimate Auto Touch-Ups to schedule an appointment for repairs.

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