LED Pathway Lighting Installation Tips

When you design lighting for your landscape, don’t forget your sidewalks and pathways. The right light fixtures not only enhance beauty but offer added safety features, and LED light gives you many benefits. It’s not difficult to install LED pathway lighting if you follow these helpful tips.

Transformer Installation

Even though you install low voltage lighting, you still need a transformer to change the power from household voltage to 12 volts. If you already have an outdoor 120-volt receptacle, you only need to plug the transformer into it. If not, you’ll need to install an outdoor receptacle. This calls for working with high voltage and using the right kind of electrical cable. If you don’t have training and experience in electricity, contact an electrician or qualified handyman for services. This ensures you meet local building codes for safety.

Mount transformers to wooden stakes or landscape lumber. The wood gives you a stable installation.


Planning is essential, so lay out each LED pathway lighting fixture where you want to install it. Eight-foot spacing is standard for most systems. Run the cable from fixture to fixture. You may have to go around obstacles on the ground.

Burying Wires

Dig a shallow trench for your low voltage light cables. Dig along the cables and slice the ground about 3 inches deep with a hand shovel. If the ground is hard, you’ll need to use a standard shovel or sharp shooter. Push the wires into your trench with a piece of wood (not the shovel) to avoid damage, and then cover up the wires.

Buy Quality Materials

When you shop for LED pathway lighting, go to a trusted lighting source for high quality and the best guarantees. You could visit a local hardware or home improvement center, but online lighting specialists give you the most choices and consultations are available in many areas.

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