Learning The Art Of Antique Rug Repair In Manhattan

The term, “oriental rug,” is often used to describe a variety of antique rugs. These rugs are beautiful, expensive and handmade. An authentic antique rug is very valuable and should be properly cared for. The people who make the rugs are practicing a centuries-old craft.

Initially, rugs were called “oriental,” because they were thought to come from the Orient. However, rugs are made in many different countries. Oriental rugs are labeled by origin:

* Persian rugs

* Arabian rugs

* Kurdish rugs

* Turkestanian rugs

Rugs that are made in different regions may have different names. A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven rug made from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims are used for decoration, and some are made for prayer rugs. They are not made with pile and are less sturdy than other rugs. Owners that need antique rug repair in Manhattan should visit The Golden Horn. The business uses the best craftsmen to repair antique rugs of all types. Dhurries are another type of antique rug. They are thick flat-woven rugs that are used in India as floor coverings. Smaller dhurries are used as tablecloths, and larger ones are used for meditation. Dhurries are low-maintenance and are not attractive to bugs like other rugs. Oushak rugs, which come from Turkey, are among the most desired antique rugs. Turkish rug makers designed the star and medallion patterns, that are so common in rugs.

Craftsmen employ ancient methods for antique rug repair in Manhattan. The restoration process can take several weeks or months. If the edges of a rug need to be reweaved, the wool used in the repair must be the same age as the rug. That is why companies stockpile older rug fragments and wool. If they cannot make a match, they will dye wool to use. The dyes are all-natural and made from plants and minerals. Attention is paid to every detail including rug pile. The craftsmen are able to remove damaged pile and replace it. The painstaking work is all done by hand. In addition, the wool used in repairs is hand spun. Rug making is an ancient craft that is still in demand, because the rugs are so popular.

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