Learning How Solar Panels in Clearwater, FL Work

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb energy from the sun during the daylight hours. They take this energy and convert it to direct current (DC electricity). Because most homes run on alternating current or AC electricity, the DC electricity must be directed through an inverter. In turn, the inverter converts the DC current into AC electricity. You can either use the current inside your home and transfer it back to the grid.

A Great Way to Use Electricity

When solar panels in Clearwater, FL are installed on the rooftop of a home or business, they provide an excellent solution for saving electricity and making the most of energy use. That is because the panels generate electricity based on the amount of sunlight. Obviously, Florida (the Sunshine State) produces a good deal of UV light. Therefore, this is the ideal location to use the PV solar panels.

Generating Electricity Even on Cloudy Days

Solar panels will still produce energy on overcast or cloudy days. The results are not the same as when they are used in sunnier locales, however. One thing that Floridians usually do not have to worry about is snow. Some homeowners in northern locations worry about how a snow covering may affect the panels’ generation. In these instances, the snow usually is not usually heavy enough to impact the panels. Also, most panels tilt at an angle when installed. Therefore, snow or water normally slide off. The panels are simple to clean and maintain too.

Getting Connected to the Grid

Once solar panels have been installed on your property, you will still be connected to the electrical grid. This enables you to use the electricity when the system is not producing enough power or to transmit power to the grid when you create more electricity than you need.

Find Out More Today

To add solar PV panels to your roof and enjoy better electrical use, why not call a company such as Florida Solar today? You will get all the information that you need to convince yourself that solar installations are indeed the product of the future.

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