Learning About Tree Pruning In Bronx, NY

Is the yard full of limbs after a windy day? If so, it may be time for a tree pruning in Bronx NY. Experts say regular pruning is important for the health of trees.

Learn How To Keep A Tree Healthy

First, removing dead and damaged branches keeps unwanted pests away. Otherwise, insects get inside trees through holes in the bad branches. Likewise, the canopy needs a Tree Pruning in Bronx NY. If the canopy is too thick, air and water cannot reach the rest of the tree.

Additionally, branches that rub against each other need to be removed. The continuous rubbing weakens the branches and they fall in bad weather.

Keep The Area Safe With Pruning

Left alone, tree branches can grow in all the wrong places. For instance, it is hazardous to let the branches grow too close to utility lines. Indeed, the branches can take the lines out the next time there are heavy winds or snow.

In addition, heavy branches should not grow over the driveway or near the sidewalk. The falling branches can damage parked vehicles. Further, branches on the sidewalk are a safety hazard for anyone walking by.

Of course, periodic pruning keeps the tree growing in its correct form. Further, pruning can spark growth in thinning areas.

Never Prune In Hot Weather

Dead branches should be removed anytime they are noticed. Otherwise, prune in late winter and early spring. Indeed, get the job done before the tree starts to bud. No pruning should be done in the mid-summer or mid-winter.

Most pruning can be done with hand tools. There are two types of hand pruners, bypass and anvil. Bypass pruners operate like scissors while anvil pruners use two sharp blades. Experts recommend bypass pruners because they make a clean cut. On the other hand, anvil pruners can damage tree tissue and cause permanent damage.

One advantage of using professionals is they know how to use pruning tools. Likewise, they will not cut off the wrong branch. A new branch does not grow to replace one that is cut. Rather, trees grow a covering over a cut hole. This protects the tree from pests and decay. For more information, visit Arnoldstreeservice.com.

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