Learning About Items That Should Not Be Transported in a Truck Rental in York PA

When people hire a moving company to transport their belongings from one place to another, the company prohibits numerous items from being packed in the truck. Hazardous and flammable materials like pesticides and gasoline are examples. What about when someone decides on truck rental in York, PA to do the move on their own? Are certain things not allowed on that truck as well?

Hazardous Materials

The guidelines regarding truck rental in York, PA are similar to those for having professional movers transport possessions. The company does not want the risk of hazardous materials leaking into the vehicle and causing the potential for injuring someone, or starting a fire or explosion. If those unwanted incidents do not occur, it still can be very difficult to safely clean up hazardous materials from an enclosed truck bed or cargo area.

People might assume that nothing would ever leak, but that’s not the case. This is why truck rental companies such as A Better Rate Storage commonly prohibit items like lighter fluid and even nail polish remover. It’s best to properly dispose of those things before moving. In addition, lawn mowers and other equipment that runs on gas or diesel fuel must be emptied of fuel before transport.

Plants and Animals

Typically, moving companies don’t allow live plants in the cargo area because of the risk of damage. People who rent a moving truck or a pickup truck are free to transport their plants this way since there is no professional driver involved who could be held responsible. Live animals are a different story. They might be brought along in a pickup truck if they are securely kept in a carrier, but they should not be traveling in the cargo area of a moving truck.

Interstate Laws

If this will be an interstate move, it’s important to check the relevant laws on firearms and plants. Some governments don’t allow certain items to be brought across the state line. There may be restrictions on specific plants if the local environment is sensitive to invasive species that could possibly spread seeds and propagate outdoors. Even firewood may be prohibited because transporting it can also transport harmful insects and tree diseases.

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