Learn How Dental Implants Can Transform Your Smile in Elk Grove Village

If you have unsightly gaps from missing teeth, it can steal your confidence. The thought of losing additional teeth that are damaged can make you feel even worse. You want a smile that draws people closer to you. Your smile should be one of your most beautiful features. You don’t know what to do about the teeth you have lost. You’re not ready for dentures. Fortunately, implants in Elk Grove Village could be the solution for you.

Turn to your dentist when it comes to answering common dental implant questions. Dental implants in Elk Grove Village offer you a permanent replacement for any teeth that you have lost. The first step is to have a titanium post surgically implanted in your jawbone. This is placed in the area where you have a missing tooth. The healing process must be completed first as your jawbone and post bond. You’ll have a solid foundation for the artificial tooth that is mounted to the post. Your artificial tooth will be a tailored fit that matches your other teeth. You can expect your dental implant to feel and function like your natural teeth. The best part is you don’t have to take your artificial teeth out like you would if you had dentures. Dental implants are fixed in place for long-term use. Dental implants are even used as anchors for a full set of artificial teeth if your tooth loss is more extensive. Turn to your dentist to answer common dental implant questions when you visit Schumer Family Dental Care today.

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