Learn About The New Ford Edge

The 2019 Ford Edge has been re-designed by Ford to give you a stronger, more powerful performance, and a more appealing physical style that so many SUV fans are going to love. It has been created by the Ford Performance Team, a group of designers that focus strongly on the performance capacity of the SUV. The hard work paid off! The Ford Edge that Orland Park customers will get to know is a performance beast. If you’re into performance, remember to buy the 2019 Ford Edge ST, a trim that gives you 335 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque right out of the gate, and it has so many other performance features courtesy of the Ford Performance Team. Sometimes Ford gets it right the first time, and this is one of those times.

The ST won’t be for everyone, so Ford has plenty of other trims in the lineup: ST, SEL, Titanium, and of course the ST, the first ever SUV built by the Performance Team. Each of these trims will meet the needs of certain customers, so it’s very important to go over all of the specs before buying. Some folks don’t want a high-performance SUV that can hit the off-road territory. They prefer a more luxurious interior and less under the hood, and that’s perfectly okay. Ford Edge Orland Park customers will get to know has features to match everyone’s needs!

The Edge will feature Ford Co-Pilot360™, a driver-assist system that features some of the world’s best preventative safety technology: Adaptive cruise control, Lane-keeping system, Evasive steering assist, and so many other assist features that get you one step closer to having your own self-driving vehicle. Technology like this is best seen up close, so if you love what you’ve heard about the Edge, head over to Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn to test drive the Edge for yourself.

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