Lacrosse Heads – Personalizing, Shaping & Unpinching

A lacrosse stick will be used to catch the ball in a lacrosse game and the sizes of lacrosse heads may differ between male and female players. Regardless, the head will still be crafted with the same materials which will generally be plastic, leather or another durable material. Players can increase their chances of winning when they care for their lacrosse heads and also, if care is taken to shape them properly, opponents will find it troublesome to dislodge the ball and score a point. If you are considering buying new lacrosse heads, learn about the ways to personalize, shape and unpinch them to your specifications.

Lacrosse Heads – Personalizing

Not all players will want to personalize their lacrosse heads but this is a growing trend among teams who want to make their mark on their equipment, so that they stand out from the opposing team. Many things can be used to alter the appearance of lacrosse heads, including powder dyes and stickers. If a team has a particular color for their clothing, such as green, green dye may be used to change the color of the head. Sometimes, players will use duct tape to create patterns on the heads, so that the dye does not take in these places.

Lacrosse Heads – Shaping

Shaping your lacrosse heads is a very intelligent way to score more points during a game and even if you decide that you no longer want them to be shaped, you can unpinch them so that they return to their normal state. Although it is possible to shape the heads for games, it is vital that it falls under the rules of the game. A few methods are followed for shaping and all methods will be suitable for playing in college games, lacrosse camps or tournaments. Both methods follow a process whereby nylon string will be used to bind the head when some dowel rod is placed inside. By using an electric stove and a freezer, the plastic on the head can take on a new shape.

Lacrosse Heads – Unpinching

Unpinching is the word used to explain the process of returning lacrosse heads to their normal state. After melting the metal to create a narrower head that lodges the ball better, some players may decide to unpinch the head so that they have the advantage of catching the ball easier. This process is much like the shaping process, where you should use an oven or a microwave to heat the plastic. Once the plastic is malleable, you should place a large ball inside the head so that the plastic expands and opens up.

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