Knowing The Warning Signs And Procedure Of A Root Canal in Rochester Hills

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Dentistry

A decaying and infected tooth is no laughing matter. These types of dental complications tend to be very dangerous and painful. If they aren’t promptly taken care of, these complications could lead to other more serious medical concerns. Thankfully, dentists are able to combat these types of complications with a simple root canal procedure. This procedure is a treatment that can actually save the tooth that’s decaying. If you’re suffering from a decaying tooth, the following will give you some insight into what a Root Canal in Rochester Hills can do for you.

Without performing a root canal your gums could begin to swell and bleed. This swelling will eventually spread to parts of your face, head, and neck. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the signs of damage to a tooth’s nerve. Pay close attention to how your teeth react when you chew. Those in need of a Root Canal in Rochester Hills may feel pain when applying pressure to a certain tooth. They may also feel severe pain from consuming liquids or foods that are too hot or cold. An infected or decaying tooth may also begin to darken, and the surrounding gums may begin to swell and redden. These are all signs that a root canal needs to be performed immediately.


You should be prepared for the fact that a root canal is slightly painful. The doctor will usually start by taking a few X-rays to see what exactly is going on inside of your mouth. They want to determine the severity of the condition. You should also be prepared for numbing application to be placed around the area. This numbing application will help you avoid feeling the majority of the pain. Teeth with cavities usually develop a hole in the tooth. The job of the dentist is to essentially drill out the decaying area so that the problem won’t spread. The drilled hole is then filled with a special dental filling. This entire process could take between 1-3 visits.

There are a number of dentists that can perform this routine procedure. However, you should choose someone who’s reliable and experienced. Consider choosing Robert W. Haag DDS for your root canal needs.

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