Know Your Options for In Vitro in San Antonio TX

Whether you have already decided on in vitro for your fertility treatment or you are still exploring your options, there is a lot of important information you should know about this fertility treatment. In vitro fertilization can be performed a number of different ways, each with their own advantages.

Fast Track IVF

Tradition fertility treatment requires a woman to undergo follicle stimulating hormone injections when their first set of intrauterine insemination with Clomid is unsuccessful. There are several reasons that a woman may want to take the fast track to In Vitro in San Antonio TX. Two of the most common reasons are money and time. Traditional treatments are expensive. By skipping a step, women can save on the total cost of their fertility treatment. Time can also be a factor for older women who are less likely to become pregnant with FSH.

Micro IVF

Instead of using high levels of hormones such as with traditional IVF, micro IVF uses only oral medications or low doses of injectable follicle stimulating hormone. The lower doses of medications typically result in fewer eggs but in some cases, the amount of eggs retrieved in micro IVF are similar to the number of eggs when tradition methods are used. Some women prefer this method because it uses less hormones and may be less expensive.

Natural Cycle IVF

This method of IVF doesn’t use hormonal injections and only requires low doses of oral medications. This method is best for women with regular menstrual cycles. Women who want to decrease the likelihood of multiple pregnancies may be interested in this form of In Vitro in San Antonio TX. Women who don’t respond to FSH may find natural cycle IVF as a more preferable fertility treatment.

It is important to discuss your treatment goals with your reproductive endocrinologist so your doctor can help you choose the most appropriate treatment for you and your family. There are a number of options available that use varying levels of hormones.

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