Know What You are Getting into When Shipping Your Car

When you have decided you would like to ship your car across the country it is important to know exactly the costs and fees you will be expected to pay upfront. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and some companies will tack on extra fees or charges at the end of the trip and suddenly you are forced to pay more than you had expected. What you need to find is a car shipping company that offers a price upfront to their customers and sticks with that price from pick up right through to delivery.

A Quality Shipping Company

There are many aspects of a business that you should look into when it comes to entrusting your vehicle to a shipping company. Some important things you will want to look for however include:

  • Are they 100% licensed and insured?
  • Does the company own their own equipment so that they are experts on how to handle their vehicles to keep yours safe?
  • Do they hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is it a family owned and operated business?
  • Do they communicate well with their customers as the vehicles are being shipped? You should be able to find out where you care is constantly with text, email or phone updates.
  • Do they offer a free quote?
  • Do they stick with that quoted price?

The Company You Want is Ship My Cars Atlantic

If you visit the website of Ship My Cars you can request your free quote and then you will know exactly how much it will cost to ship a car from California to New York. By simply answering a few questions you can see your total and be rest assured that that is the price you will be paying, and it will never be inflated. Visit or call them today for more information.

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