Know all about pain free dentistry

With the major advances in modern dentistry there is absolutely no reason for you to continue putting off a trip to the dentist. There are clever ways to ease the anxiety and fear of going to the dentist.

People should never put off their twice yearly visit to the dentist for a thorough cleaning and check-up, poor dental hygiene can end up causing far more problems than just a cavity, it can also lead to infection which, if not treated can lead to other serious complications and even death. Luckily there is pain free dentistry and this article will help you understand what it is.

The first thing you need to do is find a dentist that you feel you can trust. Dentists today are skilled in dealing with patient anxiety but as anxiety manifests itself in different ways you need to find a dentist that understands you. Some patients can’t stand the smell of a dentist’s office; some can’t stand the noise of the drill while others cannot tolerate pain. Before you even make an appointment don’t be afraid to call the dentist, the way they respond to your questions and fears will tell you how the dentist and his staff deal with patients who have a phobia.

Do not hold back, tell the dentist exactly what your fears are. Many patients will try to cope themselves, they may self medicate or take a stiff drink. Don’t it is wrong to come for dental treatment with chemicals in your system, it is far better to explain your fears and let the dentist decide the best way to deal with them.

Pain free dentistry is no longer simply a pipe dream, it is a reality. Patients and their dentists can choose from a number of options that reduce stress, induce a feeling of euphoria and tend to dull any sensation of pain. Nitrous oxide is very common; once the procedure has been completed the effects wear off within minutes. There are also sedatives which can be administered orally or intravenously. These sedatives do not wear off as quickly so you will need to have someone to drive you to your appointment and drive you back home.

You can do a lot for yourself even before you set one foot in the dentist’s office. To enhance the effect of pain free dentistry, calm yourself before your appointment, wear a heated wrap for your neck and load your music player with the tunes that make you the happiest. As important as anything, don’t forget to smile, when you get the dental care you need you are giving yourself the gift of health.

Pain free dentistry is more than just medication, when you know what it is all about you will realise that it is a combination of sleep dentistry as well as honesty and a positive mind set. You are invited to discuss any ears you may have with Dr. James Kim at Hills Dental Care.

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